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Basic Info

Elis Lovrić - Voice and Guitar

Based in Pula, Croatia

Active since 1997

Genre: #IndiePop #WorldMusic #Ethno  
Label: Akcent Studio (Independent)


Elis Lovrić is a singer-songwriter and actress from Rabac, on the peninsula of Istria in Croatia. After graduating from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb and the Silvio D'Amico Academy in Rome, she has pursued a professional acting career at home and abroad. In recent years, she has distinguished herself as an independent singer-songwriter who performs her original songs in the Labinian Chakavian dialect (labinjonska cakavica), and in this way managed to bring this exceptional language closer to a wider audience in Croatia and the world. In addition to her native Labinian, she performs her songs in 9 world languages. She has performed at all major festivals in Croatia including Dora - the Croatian National Finals for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019 and 2020, the Zagreb Festival in 2020, the Split Festival in 2018, and she won the 2nd prize of the Jury and Best Singer Songwriter Award at the Šibenik Dalmatian Chanson Evenings in 2019 and 2020 respectively. She was named singer-songwriter of the year 2019 and received the Music Pub Award.