Heartfelt and candid, soaked in childhood memories of her native land and the sea, the music of Elis Lovrić conjures profound emotions by means of her captivating voice and a guitar. This gifted Croatian singer - songwriter, actress and poet explores the rich musical tradition of her native region (Istria, a peninsula located in the North - West of Croatia), blending acoustic guitar, traditional instrumentation and contemporary production in a deeply personal, evocative sound. Singing in her local dialect (‘labinjonski’), but also in English, Italian, German and Portuguese, Elis believes that one language connects us all: it's the language of the soul, expressed through music, poetry and performance.

After graduating at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, Elis Lovrić played many leading roles in Croatian and Italian theatres, winning a number of awards for her theatre work. Fluent in five languages, Elis has worked in several international productions: she acted in "Francesco, il musical" written by Oscar winner Vincenzo Cerami with music composed by Benoit Jutras (Cirque du Soleil), and in the Italian musical "Salvatore Giuliano", amongst many others.

In 2014 she wrote and produced her first musical, ''Kolarići’’, for the Istrian National Theatre INK Pula, and was selected to perform the Croatian national anthem at the opening of the 59th Pula Film Festival.
In 2015 Elis wrote and produced ‘’Kanat od Mora’’, a book and musical performance, which evokes the ancestral landscapes of her native region, Istria, and her childhood memories. In 2016 she produced ''Dva mora'' (Two seas) with actor and writer Enes Kišević.

Released earlier this year, in May 2017, ”Merika" is her first studio project: written and performed by Elis, the album is a blend of soulful folk with a pop sensibility, ancestral sounds and modernity, inner journeys and evocative outer landscapes. With her unique voice and intimate songwriting, Elis takes her audience through the beautiful Istrian landscape, but also on an emotional journey within themselves: ‘to allow yourself to journey within your soul, is to travel the whole world’. ”Merika" features 11 songs and the bonus track 'O Canto do Mar', sang in Portuguese. After a series of concerts in Sao Paulo in 2015, the enthusiastic response of the local audience to her music motivated Elis to release a track in Portuguese and publish the lyrics of her upcoming album, "Kanat Od Mora", in Portuguese. The resulting book, “Kanat od Mora - O Canto do Mar”, is the first publication in the world to feature a literary work in both Brazilian Portuguese and ‘labinjonski’.

Elis has widely performed her music on a national and international level, booking concerts in Croatia, Italy, Germany, Poland and Brazil.
Her first solo album ”Merika" is available for purchase here and on Bandcamp, as well as in selected record stores in Croatia.


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